Code: 3533

This door is designed by French designers in 1900. Certainly, it's the most beautiful doors all over the world which is used for Petit palace one of the most famous museum in France.  According to the beauty of the doors and impressive that adds to any building, it has many fans all over the world. Base on customer orientation and meet customer requirements, Hashtomin Noor Metal Industries Co. started to design and localization this with the international standards of the forged industries, wrought iron and cast iron of the door is made with the best quality in the country. After more than a century of the originated design of the door, it is like a shining jewel, among other doors.


Type Code Side height Middle height the length Weight ( kg ) Weight With Frame
Big Door 3533 280 450 330 --- 1020
Small Door 3534 280 370 110 --- 300
Fence 3535 180 280 175 230
Column 3536 310 310 60 440